2017 NSA 46th Annual Beauty Review

The 46th Annual Beauty Review, sponsored by the NSA PTA, was a spectacular success!  Thanks so much from the PTA to the contestants who participated, the volunteers who worked the event and the wonderful community support!  The gym was filled to the brim during the event which highlighted our students in their gorgeous dresses and elegant tuxedoes.  Rebel Pride!!!

Beauties and Beaus

IMG_1841 (2)

2017 Junior High Beauties and Beaus

(L to R) Front Row:  Haley Newsom of Dockery, Samantha Barham of Drew, Most Beautiful Mikaela Mengarelli of Cleveland, Alex Parks of Drew, Jaden Robinson of Cleveland

(L to R) Back Row:  Parker Beck of Drew, Ethan Ryle of Drew, Tucker Wells of Inverness,  Most Handsome Dakota Dawson of Indianola, Hayden McClain of Indianola, Kaid King of Parchman

IMG_1872 (2)

2017 Senior High Beauties and Beaus

(From L to R)  Browning Earp of Webb, Olivia Whatley of Rome, Patrick Boykin of Indianola, Shelbi Smith of Moorhead, Most Beautiful Arin McIntyre of Drew, Most Handsome Austen Redwine of Cleveland, Lane Andrews of Drew, Steven Abney of Drew, Karleigh Phillips of Inverness, Michael Williams of Sunflower